Message from OUR CEO:

The world is our field to execute our dreams & vision. KAHM Group started in India and soon spread to Poland, Kazakhstan and USA. The color red symbolizes energy, strength, determination, and passion. The color blue represents reliability and responsibility. Thus our logo reflects the true principles and objective of our group. After a successful 10 years of global businesses KAHM group is now preparing for homecoming and is seeking new prospects in line with the tremendous growth opportunities in India.


KAHM group is a global enterprise headquartered in India. It comprised of over five operating companies. Founded by Mr. Kunal Dalmia, it has the vision of being recognized globally as a Trusted Value Enhancing Partner by all its business associates. KAHM Group is proud of its value system of respect for Individuality, Integrity, credibility and excellence


Core Competencies:

KAHM Group has a great track record of turning around loss making units like AMR and TAA. We specialize in understanding the problems and proceed with de-bottlenecking and improving efficiency in both processes and management by implementing innovative strategies, value engineering and quality management systems.

KAHM Group has the competency to manage many diverse businesses across different cultures though its professional team and best practices. From manufacturing to merchandizing we deal with the vast challenges of varying business conditions leveraging our global expertise and experience.

We Identify value drains, propose value drivers and address the above with business specific action plans.