Lindsay International a KAHM Group company entered into a management agreement with PMO Komex in 2005. It was responsible for restructuring the shareholding and was successful in making PMO Komex a 100% subsidiary of Mittal Steel Poland in 2006, later renamed ArcelorMittal Refractories in 2009. KAHM group has been successful in reviving this unit. Stringent process control and consistency of quality are the guiding factors for the success of ArcelorMittal refractories.

The company achieved a turnover of 104 Million US $ in the year 2015 and had been making profit since 2008. We also undertook health and safety initiatives granting us OHSAS 18001 certification in 2010. KAHM group succesfully turned around this unit from a loss making one to a profitable one. KAHM Group has handed over the management to the existing owners in 2016.

Formerly known as ZMO, PMO S.A., PMO Komex, ArcelorMittal Refractories was established in 1953 as an integrated part of W.I. Lenin Steel Plant (presently known as ArcelorMittal Poland) in Nowa Huta, Krakow. The condition of the plant & machinery was in a dilapidated condition and the company was on the verge of liquidation. KAHM Group with its experience of exporting refractories tool the challenge of reviving this company.

KAHM Group modernized the plant by developing state of the art equipment to produce high value products. It reduced costs by various cost saving initiatives. Expanded market to 27 new AM plants and 30 other customers. We developed customers in cement & chemical industry to become less dependent on iron & steel. ArcelorMittal Refractories now provides the concept of TOTAL REFRACTORY SOLUTION to the users starting from the development of design, manufacturing and applications and selection of the best suited raw materials.